Property Manager

August 31, 2020
Full Time
Competitive Pay


General apartment maintenance experience, knowledge of appliance repair, light carpentry, plumbing, and electrical knowledge, knowledge of safety procedures, safety-conscious, steady and dependable, ability to work with the pressure of deadlines, and ability to flex work schedule to accommodate after-hour and weekend emergencies. Must have a current journeyman, or above, license in Heating and Air Conditioning, plus significant experience in plumbing, appliance repair, carpentry, and general maintenance repairs.


Perform highly skilled and specialized HVAC work in various communities. Continue to organize, coordinate, and manage the overall maintenance program of the home community including exterior property appearance, timely work order service, quality make-ready program, and cost-effective inventory control of the property. Responsible for maintaining the physical condition and appearance of the site. Required to be “on-call” 24 hours.


Duties may include, but are not limited to:

1. Diagnose and perform major, minor, and routine maintenance/repair in a timely and professional manner. Assure all service requests are completed daily. Accurately document work performed on service request, including parts and return to supervisor by end of day. Complete renewal service requests in the same timely fashion. Follow-up on completed service requests to ensure satisfaction. Follow-up on incomplete service requests.

2. Promote good public relations with residents, co-workers, and company staff through great “people” attitude and resident trust. Always display a friendly and courteous attitude towards residents and other employees. Never confront the supervisor or other employees in front of the residents.

3. Inspect vacated apartments and complete make-ready checklist. Inform the site manager of needed services and repairs. Routinely perform duties to restore apartments to “makeready” status. Re-inspect vacant apartments after make-ready have been completedto determine the quality of work performed. Ensure an adequate number of make-ready units are available and that the products are up to company standards. Coordinate the status of makereadies with leasing staff.

4. Complete special projects as may be assigned and prioritized by the On-site manager.

5. Inspect the exterior of the property. Perform building and common area upkeep daily following company standards. Assist in keeping grounds neat and free of litter.

6. Assist with the tenant improvements as required. Schedule make ready employees as necessary. Maintain an average of 50% of make-readies is market-ready monthly. Ensure vacant units are “trashed-out” within 24 hours of move-out.

7. Complete or oversee the completion of preventative maintenance. Maintain accurate records and provide resident training as required.

8. Order parts and supplies and maintain inventory, utilizing inventory system. Maintain shop appearance to standards to facilitate the quick assessment of supply inventory. Maintain proper equipment, and equipment inventory to ensure warranty compliance.

9. Obtain bids and negotiate prices, as necessary, with vendors and contractors. Coordinate delivery and work schedules with vendors, contractors, and On-site Managers.

10. Perform effective emergency maintenance (after hours) as required.

11. Coordinate maintenance objectives with the On-site Manager daily.

12. Perform, and report on, all work according to the safety standards of the company, OSHA, and health codes. Perform work area clean-up every week.

13. Perform HVAC trouble calls and complete HVAC repairs and replacements, as may be needed, on their own or another Quantum Residential community, within the guidelines of the codes and laws as may be applicable.


Reports directly to the On-site Manager at their home community, who has the primary authorityto determine the exact “day-to-day” duties of the technician. This determination will take into consideration the technician’s skills, experience, and career goals, and how they best fit into the operational needs of the property. Works with other site managers, leasing personnel, other maintenance staff, property managers, construction division, and maintenance staff from other developments.


Hours of Work: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Must be “on-call” 24 hours per day, when scheduled.

Amount of Overtime: As needed for emergencies.


Physical Requirements: Extensive mobility and excellent physical condition. Ability to lift 100 lbs. necessary for installation and removal of appliances. Ability to operate all necessary hand tools to make repairs. Ability to kneel, crouch, climb, crawl, etc. to reach items in need of repairs. Ability to drive to and from job sites. Tolerance to all extremes of hot and cold weather, as may be necessary.

Tools: Must provide own basic tools, or be willing to obtain the required hand tools, pertinent to this position (see “Minimum Required Hand Tools” list). Must be knowledgeable and skilled in the safe use and maintenance of the following:

  • Hand tools: Various wrenches, screwdrivers, grips, sledgehammer, hammer, snips, post hole diggers, saws, etc.
  • Power Tools: Wrenches, grinder, sander, drill, saws, etc.
  • User-Moved Aids: Wheelbarrows, dollies, hand trucks, buckets, hoists, jacks, stepladders, full ladders, double ladders.
  • Mechanical Equipment: Motors, pumps, compressors, blowers, electric and hand-powered augers, etc.
  • Measuring Devices: Voltmeters, ohmmeters, testing meters, PH tests, etc.

Transportation: Must have a dependable vehicle to transport tools and equipment to job sites. Must provide proof of liability insurance for the same.

Education: High school education or trade school required. HVAC training a must, CAMT a plus.

Residency: Must be willing to live on property if required. Must meet the qualifications for residency in the community for which they have applied.

Valid Driver’s License.

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