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“The only constant in life is change.”
- Heraclitus

Centro Management was born in the midst of crisis and change to sieze the ever-upcoming opportunities.  

Centro Management is a new arm of Westland Investors, built upon the premise that a single entity can serve the needs of multiple audiences without compromise. Our property residents can expect responsive service and high-quality property management, and our investors can expect the value of their assets to increase over time. We invest in our systems and services to achieve economies of scale in property management, and we invest in property upgrades and amenities to ensure our properties increase both in value and in enjoyment by our residents.  

We also invest in our people. We believe that happy employees are productive employees, and we aim to create a positive, engaging culture for our people. We seek employees who share our values and are eager to learn, grow and be successful alongside one another. Our employees are our greatest asset.  

Our Core values

We Think Big
We are a company with a big vision. We are not afraid to go big, be bold and try new things. We encourage innovation and new ideas, from every corner of our organization.  

We Move Fast
Our business requires that we are accessible, responsive, and move quickly to address property needs. If we fail, we fail fast and learn from it. Making mistakes is part of growing, and we are agile in how we learn, pivot and adapt.  

We Are Collaborative
We champion diversity in experiences, gender, race and thought on our teams, and believe wholeheartedly that we raise the bar higher when we are inclusive and collaborative. Diverse perspectives make us better and also ensure a more rewarding and fun work environment.  

We Do the Right Thing
We lead with integrity and put our residents first. We aim to be both reasonable and responsible property managers, meeting our resident’s needs and ensuring our properties are well-maintained and well-run.